The so-called "3-Länder-Tour" or “3-Country Tour” is a wonderful day tour. From the shores of the turquoise-blue Lake Faaker See the route leads up the Jepca Saddle over the border to Slovenia. An attractive descent makes biker hearts beat faster, before reaching Kranjska Gora. Here part of the route crosses the World Cup route known from skiing competitions. The route leads comfortably to Planica and then on to Tarvisio in Italy; the Weißenfelser Seen lakes (Laghi di Fusine) should be used as a great location for a rest. The 3-Country Tour is a unique mountain bike experience in the distinctive Alps-Adriatic region. The route is also followed as part of the Alps-Adriatic Bike Festival and is known as one of the most frequently used mountain bike routes in Carinthia.

!!! Caution: Mountain bike tour 3 on the Slovenian side is not expected to be accessible until the end of 2021, nor are there any certified alternatives.